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Warwick Winwater Works
62 Wyoming Ave
PO Box 81062
Warwick, RI 02888
Phone: 401-732-5151
Fax: 401-732-5212

Store Hours
Mon-Fri: 7:00am-4:30pm

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Product Line




Ductile Iron Pipe

C-900 PVC Pipe

Backflow Preventors

Water Meters

Copper Tubing

Polyethylene Tubing

Corporation Stops

Curb Stops

Ball Valves

Fire Hydrants

Mechanical Joint Fittings

Flanged Pipe & Fittings

Plug Valves

Butterfly Valves

Resilient Wedge Valves

Gate Valves

Tapping Sleeves

Meter Pits & Hatches

Pipe Couplings

Repair Clamps

Service Saddles

Air Valves

Service Boxes

EBAA Pipe Restraints



Septic Pipe

SDR-35 PVC Pipe

SCH 40 Pipe

PVC Fittings

Fernco Couplings

Manhole Frames & Covers

Basin Frames & Covers

Manhole Risers

Valve Box Risers

Silt Fence

Filter Fabric

Corrugated Drain Pipe

Plastic Drain Products -Polylok

Test Balls & Plugs




Cut Off Saws

Abrasive Blades

Marking Paint

Pipe Wrenches


Caution Tape

Detectable Tape

Lifting Slings

Backhoe Forks

Freight Tie-Downs

Test Pumps




Sewer Brick -Hard or Soft
delivered by the cube
or may pick up here individually

We are the RI distibutor for American-Made  East Jordan Iron Works/LeBaron (EJ)
DOT accepted

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